New Island’s Communities program targets innovative models that promote local and virtual communities as lever points and laboratories for positive change.  We seek to drive this community-level change in a diverse range of areas impacting human well-being, including Health & Wellness, Education, Financial Inclusion, employee ownership, and other areas.

Investment Criteria

We pursue debt and equity investments that help strengthen local economic, health, education, food, and energy systems.  We also place a particular emphasis on local businesses and rural or underserved communities. We also target virtual communities that are changing the flow of resources, capital and ideas around sustainability issues.


New Island’s Communities program includes community-based alternative energy projects, digital education, innovative educational institutions, healthy food for underserved populations, emerging health and wellness models and solutions, green affordable housing, sustainable community-oriented housing for the aging, local banking systems, worker-driven product marketing companies, employee-owned enterprises, and virtual communities that promote sustainability.