New Island recommends impact investments that support transformation and innovation in the areas of environment, alternative energy, sustainable agriculture and communities.

New Island targets opportunities across the impact investing spectrum, with the goal of creating financial returns alongside positive impact with every investment. New Island does not recommend investments that are purely commercial or purely philanthropic. Alongside traditional investment analysis, New Island completes in-depth impact diligence to assess mission-alignment and potential for transformative impact.

Impact Outcome Areas

New Island targets investment opportunities creating positive change in one or more of our Impact Outcome Areas. New Island tracks individual impact metrics, mission-fit, and financial performance for all of its programs over time. Whenever possible, New Island utilizes impact metrics from the IRIS impact metric taxonomy.
Impact Outcome Areas
Local Food Systems- Sourcing, Production & Processing, Access
Local Economic Culture - Enterprise Development, Regional Capital Markets, Shared Prosperity and Opportunity, Asset Building & Economic Self-Sufficiency
Energy - Conservation & Efficiency, Alternative Generation, Access
Land - Ecosystem Health, Conservation & Restoration, Sustainable Management
Pollution Abatement & Avoidance - Emissions Reduction, Waste Management & Recycling, Remediation
Water - Conservation & Efficiency, Alternative Generation, Quality, Access
Low-Impact Lifestyle - Village-Oriented Solutions, Transit & Transportation, Health & Wellness, Green Building, Alternative Consumer Products, Consumer Awareness & Empowerment
Citizen Engagement - Education, Activation, Aggregation, Inclusion on Sustainability Issues
Sustainable Organizations - Sustainable Leadership, Employee Engagement, Green Business Practices