A New Paradigm of Ethical Investing

Since our founding in 2006, New Island Capital has been investing in the capacity of people to create thriving, equitable businesses that support their communities while also reversing adverse environmental impacts and regenerating the natural systems upon which we all depend. At the center of our work is a commitment to extending both financial gains and social and environmental benefits to employees, communities, and the natural world.


Through a wide array of long-term and customized financing solutions, we are supporting a new paradigm of business and investment that prioritizes benefits to local communities and the environment while seeking strong financial performance. Our goal is not only to effect meaningful, measurable change, but also to inspire other investors to pursue a deeper alignment of capital and values.


The companies that we partner with protect the environment, accelerate the renewable energy revolution, and advance health and education access in underserved communities.

How We Invest.

We focus on commercial-scale, growing companies, providing credit, private equity, and project finance; as well as investing in farms, forests, and real estate.