Financial solutions to increase economic equality, broad-based ownership, and worker empowerment.

Investment Approach

New Island Capital provides tailored financing solutions to operating businesses, financial intermediaries, and other groups who have come together to solve complex social and environmental problems in a variety of innovative ways. We work across a range of investment sizes, stages, structures, and geographies in service of a portfolio with a purpose.

We focus on commercial-scale, growing companies, providing private credit, private equity, and project finance; as well as investing in farms, forests, and real estate.

We structure financing to advance more equitable distribution of the rewards of ownership of natural resources, ethical consumer brands, financial resources, and renewable energy production.

We pursue direct investments in partners who can transact above $5 million. Because our approach to every investment is unique, we maintain significant flexibility around the terms, duration, and structure of each of our financing arrangements.

Investing for a better tomorrow.
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