Investing in
Positive Change

New Island is exclusively focused on investing in positive solutions to the world’s most pressing problems: climate change; inequalities in income and the distribution of opportunity; the extinction crisis; and access to housing, healthcare, and education. We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, and organizations who bring forth new approaches and paradigms that can outcompete and replace centralized, polluting, winner-takes-all models.

We believe that a just, equitable, and humane world is often realized at the community scale. Much of our investment activity emphasizes decentralized or broader-based ownership models.

Distributed power generation, community ownership of forests and infrastructure, mixed-use real estate projects, and farmer cooperatives are just some of the business models that New Island Capital supports.

We organize our work into six thematic focus areas—education, environment, health and wellness, inclusive finance, regenerative agriculture, and renewable energy. We prioritize those opportunities that demonstrate broad, meaningful community benefits and integrate multiple focus areas.

Investing for a better tomorrow.
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