Clean water, climate resilience, biodiversity, waste‑to‑value, and a non-toxic future.

Restore, Innovate, Protect

New Island Capital manages a wide-ranging environmental portfolio that ranges from the preservation and restoration of our global commons (biodiversity, land, water, and air) to innovative approaches to closed loop manufacturing and the elimination of toxins from consumer goods.

We support market-based solutions that create alternatives to pollution and habitat destruction through clean and ethical supply chains as well as environmental markets.

Within the realm of forests and rangelands, we structure investments that protect and restore working landscapes while supporting innovative small-to-mid-scale companies that create markets for sustainable forest products. We promote sustainable land stewardship by investing to support sustainable, community-based forestry, agroforestry, and agriculture, particularly in tropical regions around the world.

Recognizing the enormous potential to effect positive change through the built environment, New Island Capital also invests in and rehabilitates older real estate assets to improve their energy efficiency and supports developers that drive cutting-edge design in the service of Net Zero energy performance and beyond.

Investing for a better tomorrow.
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