Supporting farmers, farm workers, and agricultural communities toward regenerative agriculture and economic justice.

Farm to Fork Investing

New Island Capital invests in farmland as well as agricultural support businesses, producer cooperatives, and food companies that increase the economic viability of regenerative and organic farms. We also facilitate direct loans, partnerships, and long-term leases to established small and mid-sized organic family farms.

New Island works on a regional basis to help expand organic markets and create pathways to land ownership for innovative producers. New Island Capital recognizes that this transition requires significant up-front investments and sometimes results in temporary crop yield gaps. Our partnerships address these challenges by providing patient capital, encouraging sustainable practices, and identifying key supply chain improvements.

Around the world, we seek to build a critical and durable movement of sustainability-minded producers to lead the adoption of agricultural and agroforestry practices that regenerate degraded land, steward the soils, and foster prosperity and sustainable livelihoods in rural communities and local food economies.

Investing for a better tomorrow.
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