Photo Credits

Homepage (green leaves): Zac Leone

Homepage (misty forest hills): Jessica Snoek

Homepage (person on tractor): Martí Sans

Homepage (horses and mountains): Holly Mandarich

Our Focus (farmyard and tractor): Matthew T Rader

Our Focus (city view): Olivia Hutcherson

How We Invest (trees): Greg Shield

How We Invest (harvesting): Yaroslav Danylchenko

About Us: Jonah Pettrich

Contact Us: Chris Brignola

Careers: Rien Van Rijthoven

Our Team: Raphael Rychetsky

Education: Garage Island Crew

Environment: Massimiliano Latella

Health & Wellness: Jafar Ahmed

Inclusive Finance: SA Taxi

Sustainable Agriculture: Julian Hanslmaier

Renewable Energy: Andreas Gücklhorn

Private Credit: Shikhar Bhattarai

Private Equity: Bruno Perrin

Project Finance: Andy Chilton

Farm & Forest: Micah Hallahan

Real Estate: Bruce Damonte Photography